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More about Offset Printing in Calgary

More about Offset Printing in Calgary

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Custom Printing

As I shaved this morning I noticed something strange,there were dinosaurs on the can! That’s when I noticed co-branding between Jurassic World movie franchise and the shaving cream manufacturer. First thing that was noticed was a limited edition notation so I started to think. My first thought was that this can must have been printed by technology. Since I’m not sure on how the product was printed I decided to do some research. I looked carefully at the design to my surprise I saw patterns of actual sets of dots at the irrational angles which counteracted the special calgary print. My first thought was wrong which was noticed when I saw the ink jet. There was no laser halftone screens. With that being said the special shaving cream was not all that limited.

How Were They Printed?

My first thought was that the sheets made of metal had been offset, changed into the shaving cream can and then printed in calgary. When in reality the offset of the printed product, completed with the blanket and then the designs right on a cylindrical objects can be tossed around under the flat unique screen printed presses. In both situations the metal cans are very sturdy and tossed precisely. We should mention that we were comparing print products from velocity press printing calgary to write this article.

Once ink has been applied they go through an oven. Once the off set of the ink and clear protective coating. The traditional system involved high energy usage and other drawbacks like huge amounts of space needed for this equipment. There you have it a product with two pterodactyls in mid-flight, one flying across a red and white striped metal can.

A Multi-Channel Marketing Opportunity

The sample grabbed my attention because it was intriguing and crisp. An additional reason is because marketers knew what the value of co-branding can do. The company that came up with the shaving cream design is considered ingenious for providing a limited-edition that can stand out on shelves for having Jurassic World movie franchise on their product. Going even further having the product can take advantage of new electronic media. On the company’s website you can learn more facts about the product, as well as the movie and participate in an online contest.

Marketing Truthcalgary printing services

People like games “Gamification” is games and contests taking advantage of people’s competitive spirit in efforts to get more people to participate in the brand. Also a lot of exposures to a brand foster consumer spending. Consumers also like seeing a brand on both a physical object and online. When this happens you see the same dinosaurs on the company’s website that is on the shaving cream. There is plenty of versions of the special edition shaving cream that showcases different dinosaurs. If a limited commercial edition of two different dinosaurs branded shaving cream can be bought consumers would want them. Consumers want to own something that’s limited.

The Takeaway

As graphic designers you are also marketers. Every piece that you design is an advertisement for your company as well as you individually. Considering above the “Marketing Truths” it may be helpful to apply to your own design work. Even if you never design a can, points of information can be utilized to many other co-branding.

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what are Business Brochures and Booklets?

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A brochure is a piece of paper that is designed to introduce company or to give information to a target audience. Typically it is designed to be aesthetically appealing so that potential clients will be more likely take an interest in the business. They come in a variety of designs ranging from one paper folded over, to a trifold design, along with several other creative ways that businesses have chosen to advertise. Depending on the company they advertise for, they can advertise things from products to services to anything else that is offered by a particular business. Usually they are printed on a durable, glossy paper in order to give a great first impression of a business.printers

For companies that need a little more room than just a brochure, they can choose to print an advertisement in the form of a booklet. It can either be a large brochure or a packet of pages banded together. Booklets are great for new businesses wanting to make sure that everyone knows about the services or products that they offer.

If you are thinking about getting booklets or brochures printed to advertise for your business, then call a qualified printer today. Making a great first impression is one of the most important things you will ever do to help your business grow and thrive, so make sure that you choose a great printer for your advertising products.

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